#Y3Ptraining day 1 – return – Huddersfield Narrow Canal to Milnsbridge

I took photos of the locks on the way back. I will be writing a post with those another day, so for now, you just get one, and a couple of videos.


Footwear:I am still wearing the old faithful Merrel training shoes, my new boots are in the process of being broken in.

Socks: Bridgedale Trekker

Base Layer: Craghoppers Shirt

Mid Layer:  Craghoppers Fleece

Top Layer:  Craghoppers Aquadry Waterproof

Trousers:     Craghoppers Kiwi

Pack:           Craghoppers 15l day sack

At the end of the walk, I am feeling totally knackered. Feet are hurting, and shoulders too. Long hot bath for me.

Total distance 14 miles,

Time taken 4.5 hours

Lessons learned?

Take a spare pair of socks, look for a pack with a waist belt.

Overall the kit I was wearing performed ok. I am sure that I was wearing too much, as there was a wicking tshirt under all the layers. The walk was not overly taxing, so overheating was less of an issue than it could be. For next week I will look to adjust what I wear.

#Y3Ptraining day 1 – outbound – Standedge, Marsden’s end of the tunnel

Sunday 6th March 2016

It’s Mothers Day today, but I won’t be visiting mine. Its the first day of endurance training for the three peaks #Y3Ptraining.

Why am i doing the #Y3P ?

I left the house at 5:30,

Milnsbridge Early in the morning


Its quite pleasant strolling along this early in the morning. It feels like you are the only person awake. And so quiet! If you only do it once, you should try getting up early, just to experience the wonder of it.


 Sun rise, and I am about 4 miles in, the hills above Slaithwaite are a beautiful golden yellow.

Not all the great views are the great vistas. Sometimes, you can find pleasure in seeing something that you would normally just walk past.

And sometimes all you can say is “thats weird”. Like the tanks at James Dysons, which were clad and painted to “blend in” with the surroundings. At 30′ high, I think the camouflage is spot on.

Eventually, the road walk brings you to Marsden, where you will find the locals walk in the middle of the road. Today, even though the forecast was for clear skies, it was snowing.

Having arrived at Marsden, you need to head into the town centre, then up to the “Railway” pub, which is by the canal. There is a 15 minute walk along the towpath to get to Tunnel End. Apparently the visitor centre opens in March.

Made it! First 7 miles done.

How does a Yorkshire lad celebrate?

A drop of the amber nectar #YorkshireTea

A quick bite of a sandwich, and we’ll head back along the canal.

Footwear:I am still wearing the old faithful Merrel training shoes, my new boots are in the process of being broken in.

Socks: Bridgedale Trekker

Base Layer: Craghoppers Shirt

Mid Layer:  Craghoppers Fleece

Top Layer:  Craghoppers Aquadry Waterproof

Trousers:     Craghoppers Kiwi

Pack:           Craghoppers 15l day sack

Along with Craghoppers hat and gloves

So, half way through today’s endurance walk. I am feeling fit, and reasonably pleased with the clothing. Only niggle is the pack, which seems to be pulling on my shoulders, like it needs to be wider.

I will detail the return leg in the next post.


I am in training for the Yorkshire 3 peaks

The story so far:

On the 2nd October 2015 I quit smoking, helped tremendously by the NHS “Stoptober” campaign. Then, like so many others, I gained a few pounds, which were added to my considerable bulk (16st 8lbs) At 5’9″, Obese, possibly morbidly obese? Long story short, a blood test early December showed cholesterol at 6.6 and some other numbers, and possibly diabetic too.

What better time to need to watch your intake than the Christmas holidays.

I am proud to be a Freemason, but the meals…..

I downloaded”myfitnesspal” onto the phone, and started watching what went in, and where I used the calories.

To achieve my 10,000 steps daily goal, I began walking to work some of the time. I was averaging 2,000 steps before, but soon was able to do my 10,000 without too much aching.

By the end of the year, the average was 12,000 a day.

I pushed a bit harder in January, partly because the weather was mild, and partly because I started enjoying myself. By Month end, I was up to 16,000 average, and 22,000 on a good day. Down to 14st 8lbs. Lost 2st Am I the only person dancing round punching the air shouting “I’m overweight! Hoorah!” BMI just touched 29.5, official, I am not obese anymore. #overweightandhappy

February was an odd month. The enthusiasm started to go, no weight being lost, generally getting bored.

To try and get back some oomph, I started this blog, to record my lunchtime walks, but there is only so much you can say about the same area and still be interesting. On the point of giving it all up, I saw a message in my inbox about the three peaks challenge.

I think I signed myself up without thinking it through.

I have now had a few days to read up on what’s involved, and what it takes to achieve this.

In equal measures I am excited, scared, confident and nervous.

I have worked out a training plan for the next 10 weeks and I am sharing what happens on Facebook. You can find me using #Y3Ptraining or #Y3P

Sunday, endurance training, walked 15 miles, loved it. Step count = 31,000, personal best, very chuffed. Feeling ok on Monday, which is a rest day, so only walked to work and back.

Any tips greatly received.
Wish me luck!

Castle Hill and Victoria Tower – Ancient (the monument or the walker?)

Distance: 3.75miles

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

Min/Max Elevation: 216′ – 890′

If you want great views of Huddersfield, you need to get up high. One landmark which stands out for this is Jubilee tower, on Castle Hill, so that’s where I’m heading. This walk starts and ends at the Subway sandwich shop on Wakefield road, and I availed myself of a 6″ to eat at the top of the hill.


There are a lot of different routes, but I chose this one as the most direct, I need to get there and back during my lunch break. After crossing the main road, Its a straight trek up Dog Kennel Bank, and keep heading towards the tower, which is visible almost all the way. You will pass Longley Nature reserve, which may be worth a look another day.


After passing through Lowerhouses, the road starts to look much more rural, and the wind can really rattle your bones.


I haven’t been up here for a while, and I was surprised at just how much work has been done. Kirklees have made a good job of making this a place worth visiting with the kids. Lots of info dotted about regarding the wildlife and the history of the hill.

Always a good idea to be prepared for a turn in the weather, a walk to Castle Hill is no exception, and true to form, it got colder, and wetter as I arrived.

This is at lunchtime!

My main reason for walking up here was the views, 

which didn’t disappoint.

I couldn’t enjoy them for long though. After enjoying my butty, its back the way I came.

This would be a more pleasant  walk if I had more time to explore around the top, and maybe take a different route back. If you can, make a day of it, you won’t be disappointed.

Castle Hill is a scheduled ancient monument. This is a big deal! Do not leave any litter here, you can’t take vehicles anywhere except the car park (why would you want to?) No Fires either!

Scheduled Ancient Monument

Scheduled Ancient Monument

Who stole the canal? Heading West from Aspley – 2 miles

On Facebook, the ability to walk from Aspley to Marsden on the canal bank was questioned, so yesterday, I decided to walk home that way and see what happened.

At Aspley, you can sneak under the main road, making it possible to avoid being killed by the traffic, always a bonus.

Go down a few steps

And into the tunnel


You will magically arrive safe, by the University

Leaving that part of the university behind, the canal changes to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. It was the Broad Canal up to this point.


Is this analogous with how we will change with all this walking? I quite like the idea of morphing from broad to narrow 🙂

Anyway, back to the canal, which we won’t have for much longer. Some serious metalwork supports the banking just prior to the canal entering a tunnel, which we can’t follow. There is a steel staircase which it is necessary for us to climb. Be really careful if it is wet or cold, this can get really slippy.


We can now answer the question. No, it is not possible to follow the canal from Aspley to Marsden, however, turn left at the top of the stairs, walk to the bottom of the road and turn right. Head to the Kirklees College building. Total distance away from the canal is 350m.

When you get to the college, you are back with the canal, and can continue along to Longroyd bridge.  


The Tow Path is well maintained, and tarmac all the way along this stretch.

At Longroyd Bridge, we will follow the left fork, and go under the main road via this short tunnel. Some thoughtful person even sign posted the route for us.


From here on, the route is really straight forward, but not for me, as this is part of my homeward walk, and I don’t live in Marsden. So I leave at sunset at Milnsbridge.

Sometimes it Shines – Kilner Bank Quarry – 2 1/2 miles


Distance: 2 1/2 Miles

Duration: 1 hour

Min/Max Elevation: 176′ – 400′

Bright sunshine, but a little bit chilly. Today’s walk  takes in some great views over the town. If you are going to follow this route, be aware that there are a couple of relatively steep inclines, and some areas are soft under foot. That being said, its not too long a walk, and you can call in at Costa for a cheeky cappuccino.

First, get yourself to Silver street, there is lots of on-street parking. The walk start at the side of the Furniture mill.


Almost straight away, the first steep part presents itself. Go to the top and get on Kilner Bank Road

Up Down

This should get your heart pumping, so why not have a pause at the top and soak up the view


Further along, Kilner Bank has been gated to prevent access by car, and it now makes for a very pleasant stretch, but because its so sunny, we are going higher, so take the path just to the left hand side of the gate on the right in this picture.


Through the field and into the woods

The pathway here is nice and easy to follow, and is quiet and peaceful, away from any traffic. The first easy point to cut the walk short is coming up, and will take you down to the stadium.

But today, we will keep going, past another field, and then turn down off the hill. Now heading back the opposite direction, and at a lower level, there are some really pretty paths.


And some pretty views of the town


Which leads towards the Odeon.  Cheeky Cappuccino anyone?

Post refreshment, curiosity to see the level in the river gave me all the reason I needed to return using the Riverside walk past the stadium, as I did yesterday.


The river is much lower than yesterday.

Then as you walk past the golf range, you are back into the woods for a nice easy last section back to the start.

A nice straight forward walk for a lunchtime, this walk requires a basic level of fitness and mobility.

Have fun, and please take any litter home with you.

Sometimes it Rains. Aspley Marina Canal Walk – 4 Miles

At lunchtime, I go out for a short walk. Work is just outside the town centre of Huddersfield, right by the University. Surprisingly, the countryside is really close by, and it can be explored during a lunch break. Today it is raining, so I will get wet. Photos and map will be added when I get back.

Aspley Marina, Leeds Road and the Stadium

Distance: 4 miles

Duration: 1hr 20mins

Min/Max Elevation: 176′ – 315′

This circular route can be started anywhere along the route, and you can go in either direction equally well.

I set off from the car park at the Asda supermarket, and crossed over the river to Aspley Marina.

The route then follows the canal bank to Lock 9 about 2 miles along the tow path. Along the way you realise how much the canal is tied to our industrial past. Although it is now tranquil and teeming with wildlife and birds, you pass by areas built to be served by the canal, and still used for industry today.


The canal area has been maintained and a lot of work is in evidence where cleanup and tidying has been undertaken. This leaves you with some great views, although, as usual, certain people feel the need to decorate the area.

The first point at which we have the chance to adapt the walk to a shorter circular route comes at the Great Northern Retail Park


If you want, you can cross Leeds road here, and head back along Gasworks street and St Andrews Road. But we are going further, along past the incinerator, and past our second turn around point at Vine street.

As we head along towards Leeds road playing fields, there are some superb locks

Most days there is something happening on the playing fields, training or events. Today there was a match

Leaving the canal, and heading back along Leeds Road, there is not much of interest unless you are hungry, then you can avail yourself of McD or KFC. It gets pretty again as we approach the Stadium. Today the river is quite full.

The walk ends with a short stretch following the Riverside walk, which passes the Golf range, and brings you out on Silver street, right next to the Asda car park.

The weather wasn’t too bad after all. It drizzled all the way, but never got particularly heavy.