Friends Reunited, almost

You know how sometimes you just can’t find something, but you are sure it is somewhere safe.

When I walked to Stoodley Pike a couple of weeks ago, I had my trusty walking staff with me, When I walked the Standedge Trail, I didn’t, because it was lost. Standedge was the first walk since Stoodley that I was wanting to take Keira with me, so I was a bit cross that I couldn’t find her.

Well, the perils of drink have come become clear. I remember having a pint after my walk, so on a hunch, I called the White House Pub, which is by Blackstone edge reservoir.

She is there. The little minx has been having a two week holiday in the pub, propping up the bar.

I will drive over this evening and be re-united.

At least that is one mystery solved. Now where did I leave Suzi’s keys?