How much is too much? Packing for the Pennine Way. Why am I even doing this?

Do we need more “stuff” as we get older? Is it just that as we accumulate more, those things become necessary? Whatever the reason, my pack is too heavy. I got around to having a trial pack last night. 45 pounds.

Based on this, I think that maybe I don’t need 3 pairs of spare trousers, 8 pairs of socks and food for 7 days. I can cope with 1 spare pair, and resupply food every other day. Or can I? What if ‘X’ and what if ‘Y’ ? I am starting to overthink this 🙁

I unpacked everything, and walked away. Time to look at my motivation for walking the Pennine Way and how I would like to walk it.

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Track my location using SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS beacon

go straight to the track (updated every 5 minutes when I am out walking)

I have bought myself a new SPOT Gen3 tracker. Why? Well, I am planning a long walk (more about this in a future post). There is a good chance I won’t have mobile coverage for some of the walk, but I want to let family know I am safe.

The SPOT Gen3 looks like it will do the job. Its able to send a message (its transmit only, no receive) letting my contacts know I am okay, or if I need help. It can also be used to alert SAR (search and rescue) if needed.

The cost is reasonable considering the peace of mind, about £130 for the device and then a £180 yearly subscription. The subscription is charged in Euros, check with your bank, there may be an extra fee, if there is, the monthly option could work out a lot more expensive than you think.

Another great feature with the device is that you can use it to track your wanderings. This is the link to my track “Where’s Andy?”

If I am out, you will now know where I am, or at least where my SPOT is!


Amateur Radio Equipment

Getting up and Running can cost very little, but please get in touch with your local radio club and get licenced!

The basic kit can be as simple as a Baofeng UV/5R

These work on two bands, both FM and I have had contacts of up to 40 miles from the tops.

Another Radio I use is the Yaesu FT-817ND

Which is a more expensive option, but because it has HF (short wave) it can under the right conditions reach anywhere in the world. Mine is attached to a linked dipole from SOTABEAMS