A word from a Trail Reporter and Pennine Way Champion

I always appreciate kind comments and encouragement, who doesn’t? When the comments come from a Pennine Way Champion….

Dave Greenwood is just such a Pennine Way Champ, and he took the time to write me a very kind and very encouraging email.

Dave has a blog, -> “Pennine Days” <- click it, or visit it from my Blogroll. I have published the email (with his permission) below. Send me a postcard (email), or add comments, I will always try and respond quickly, but may you forgive me if I’m half way up Kinder.

I’m writing really to wish you good luck on your Pennine Way adventure. It is without doubt the best walking trail in England. As you leave Edale there is so much to look forward to Continue reading A word from a Trail Reporter and Pennine Way Champion

Friday, last day of March, 2017 part two


Dear No.1 Dad

No.1 granddaughter is excellent, learning something new everyday! She is a cheeky monkey these days

I do remember about the moon I also remember when you used to say we were connected like an elastic band, we could stretch very far away from each other but it would never break- we will always be connected and come back together.

It’s lovely and sunny today, no moon here either, we will be heading out to enjoy the sunshine shortly.

We are missing you too, but are looking forward to seeing you in a weeks time

Hope to hear from you soon!

Lots of love

No.1 daughter and No.1 granddaughter xx

Friday, last day of March, 2017

Hey No.1 Daughter!

How’s it going? Hope No.1 grand daughter is well.

You are miles away at the moment. Remember when you were little and I talked about us both seeing the same moon no matter how far away we are? Today its cloudy, no moon, but I know it’s there, so that’s okay. I will be going on a little walk soon, on my own, but no matter how far it is, I will know the moon is watching us both, so I won’t feel lonely. It won’t stop me missing you though.

Write soon

Dad X