All the gear! “no idea?”

Kit being worn, about 5 pounds

Just basics, Trousers, merino T, socks, hat, briefs. Adding a layer with a wool jumper if its cool, and a windproof top.

Also in the pic are gaiters, walking poles and Pack. Not shown are my boots.

This is the kit I am carrying on my trek. Total weight about 35 pounds.

I have seen reference to a “sleep system” which I find amusing, its my bed.

The bag is a women’s version, because it is slightly bigger at the top (like me) and a bit shorter (also like me). In the middle is a blow up mattress, and then a buff around my down jacket makes a pillow.

Spare clothing, socks, underwear, trousers and merino T’s and a pair of sandals for around camp

Hygiene consists of the basics,tooth brush and toothpaste, soap and a razor. The flannel makes an all over wash easier, and then a lightweight towel. These are in a waterproof bag.

Waterproof Jacket and Trousers. It probably won’t rain, but just in case.

Equally unnecessary, because it won’t be cold, Hat, gloves, merino buff, fleece and down jacket.

Cooking is on the primus, I also have a pan. The bowl and gas can all nest together. Mug and cutlery of course, water filter and two water bottles.

I am also carrying dried food and a nut/raisin mix. enough for 4 days, so will need to resupply fairly regularly

Maps, compass, head torch, sunnies and spot.

Not shown, but still to be carried, Phone, Camera,

Tent, obviously 🙂 a first aid kit and a toiletries pack



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