Calm after the Storm

Yesterday was quite a day. Storm Doris caused a bit of stir. Such a fuss, and I was contacted by a local newspaper, who wanted to put my short video on their website. If we all get 15 minutes of fame, I have 14 minutes and 51 seconds still to go, the video is a 9 second clip (please, no more autographs!)

This morning was a different world. Full of the joys of the spring to come I left for work. With the sun shining, car windscreens deeply frosted, and the air very still, it made you feel glad to be alive. Feeling in such a chipper mood, I set off will wings on my feet. Minutes into the walk, I get a text. “Thas getten thisen in’t paper, lad” my very Yorkshire pal wrote. (translation- you are in the local rag). There I am, page 7.

Of course, this new celebrity status went straight to my head, and I decided to have a live podcast. Both viewers thought it went well 😉

To celebrate, Lily Virg and Phoebe are coming for tea, and the outlaws are coming too. Celebrity or not, I’m still doing the cooking.

For today’s walk set off from Marsh

then headed down into Milnsbridge. Just for fun, I let the facebook group choose my route. Of course uphill is much funnier than downhill, so up I went. Great views from up Blackmoorfoot road, so maybe it was a good idea.

Walking through Butternab Spring and Beaumont park was idyllic. Birds singing away, really peaceful and calm. I had photographs taken in Beaumont Park on my wedding day 15 years ago, this is the first time I have been back since. I don’t know why, its beautiful. Maybe I can persuade Kate to come back for a walk there with me.

Its been a long week, but an enjoyable one, I am undecided whether to continue making the daily montages of photos, or reduce it to perhaps weekly. Anyway, we will see. Here is today’s PhotoVid

At lunchtime, I will be at the tower again. That will be 5 days in a row at Huddersfield’s Castle Hill. Surely it is doing something for my fitness?

2 thoughts on “Calm after the Storm”

    1. Thanks Unis, its been a fun week. I particularly enjoyed the interactive part letting the group choose which way I went. Even better, you got a hill named after you, it will always be Unis Hill in our house too 🙂

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