Pennine Way

Follow my Pennine Way trip with a live update

The trip so far

The last 24 hours

This map shows the progress I have made over the last 24 hours don’t forget my just giving page

Photos from the trip are in this gallery, and I will update it with lots more when I get back

This post is part of my Pennine Way project

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7 thoughts on “Follow my Pennine Way trip with a live update”

  1. Hi Martin, looking forward to following your adventure. You may already kno this but if you have an account set up with Social Hiking you can easily set up a Track from your spot which will do exactly the same as you’ve done above, but also tag all your tweet messages and photos to the the map as well so readers get a live story. Really easy to do, and the Base map is good old OS.

  2. Morning Andy,

    I’m not sure where you are on the trail. The last clue I have (from a photo on your web page) is that you are beyond Tan Hill.

    I made it to KY last Friday (19 May). It’s been a bit of a blur, so hopefully you will able to enjoy the scenery a bit more.

    Watch out for Cross Fell. I had a pretty scary time up there. If you have a chance, you can read all about it in my blog.

    Good luck of the rest of the hike


    1. Bad blisters popped at Middleton, so I came off the way. Healing nicely, so I will try again. Glad you finished, good time too. What is your blog address?

      1. Sorry to hear that you had to pull out. Middleton is a pretty good distance up the trail. So, well done.

        My technique with blisters is to cover up (with plasters and strapping) pretty early. If they get worse, then pop them, take off the dead skin, add antiseptic and then plaster up and strap up. They are a bit sore for a time, but soon the skin toughens up.

        Middleton to Dufton (good campsite and pub) is pretty impressive scenery. As (I imagine) is Cross Fell – but I saw none of it in the mist and the Helm Wind gave me one hell of a challenge. So take care there.

        Alston YH is a real sanctuary and well worth the money. Then take the railway track to Slaggyford (rather that mess about on the marked path).

        Hadrian’s wall and the Cheviots are the most impressive remaining parts of the walk. And do stay at the Forest View Inn on Byrness. It is a fantastic place, run by a couple who cater brilliantly for walkers. It will set you up for the finale.

        All the best


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