Pennine Way

Follow my Pennine Way trip with a live update

The trip so far

The last 24 hours

This map shows the progress I have made over the last 24 hours don’t forget my just giving page

Photos from the trip are in this gallery, and I will update it with lots more when I get back

This post is part of my Pennine Way project

In the meantime, why not take a look at my Instagram feed

4 thoughts on “Follow my Pennine Way trip with a live update”

  1. Hi Martin, looking forward to following your adventure. You may already kno this but if you have an account set up with Social Hiking you can easily set up a Track from your spot which will do exactly the same as you’ve done above, but also tag all your tweet messages and photos to the the map as well so readers get a live story. Really easy to do, and the Base map is good old OS.

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