Free Walking

No, this isn’t about how you can walk for nothing, its about setting off to explore the town with no pre-planned route.

Lunchtime arrived, and because I had started early, most of my work was complete, so I set off for a wander.GreenheadRoad

Through the town to Greenhead Park was a good start,










Stopping for a light lunch by the model Railway.  The sun was out, so the park was busy.


I exited on Gledholt road, and went for an explore in the woods.Gledholt-wood

You really should have a look here, its super.Gledholt-WaterfallStinkLily

Finally I took a little used path over the railway bridge into Longroyd BridgeTower

back to work past Snow Island.snoweir

I suppose I must have walked about 3 miles-ish and it took an hour and a half, a real break from work.

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