Friends Reunited, almost

You know how sometimes you just can’t find something, but you are sure it is somewhere safe.

When I walked to Stoodley Pike a couple of weeks ago, I had my trusty walking staff with me, When I walked the Standedge Trail, I didn’t, because it was lost. Standedge was the first walk since Stoodley that I was wanting to take Keira with me, so I was a bit cross that I couldn’t find her.

Well, the perils of drink have come become clear. I remember having a pint after my walk, so on a hunch, I called the White House Pub, which is by Blackstone edge reservoir.

She is there. The little minx has been having a two week holiday in the pub, propping up the bar.

I will drive over this evening and be re-united.

At least that is one mystery solved. Now where did I leave Suzi’s keys?

4 thoughts on “Friends Reunited, almost”

  1. I came across your blog in the same way I often end up walking – a circuitous route with a number of unplanned deviations. Worked out well, though; I ended up here!

    Conrad Walks ( and Afoot in the hills ( are a couple you should definitely visit; both of them will, in turn, lead to others. Some of the others I would have recommended are ones you already have.

    I’ll shortly be adding another (this one) to mine…

    1. Thanks for the info Dave. Thats reading material for the next few weeks sorted then 🙂
      Links duly added to the blogroll. Can you check that you are happy with the link comment for your blog please

  2. Your reunited story is familiar. I left my long cherished hat at a pub in Bentham on a long distance walk. Met a lady next morning dog walking and told her. She contacted the pub and had the hat posted back to me several weeks later. There are still decent people about.

  3. More than happy thanks, Andrew. Most of the blogs I read are ones I’ve picked up from other peoples’ blogrolls. There’s some really good stuff out there.

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