Lazy Bones, probably man Flu, but loving the HubbaHubba

Today was going to see me conclude the Calderdale Way, but due to having had a bit of a sniffle this week, I have postponed and will be a lazy bones. Instead I decided to test out the new tent, and because the day was so glorious, I headed up onto the fells beyond Meltham. I walked no more than about 3 miles.

The key today was to keep it short, there seemed little to be gained from a long hike, better to get over the Man Flu completely. So, Meg Hill looked suitable.

The definition of Man Flu is “a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms.” Maybe I didn’t have that then. What I had was way beyond a cold, much more serious, I nearly could have, possibly, might have, died or had a day off work or something if it had got even just slightly worse. Lucky really.

It is always quiet here, rarely do you see another soul. But today however, as I got to the summit trig point I met some other walkers, who also thought it would be deserted. This is Helen, with William and Antony. They are in the enviable position of getting out for a walk most days, and had just trekked up from Meltham. Take note, they are all in sunglasses! The sun was out! Hoorah!

After a brief conversation they headed off the hill back towards Meltham, maybe our paths will cross again, who knows, its a big outdoors we play in. Isn’t it odd how we can chat with new people out here? It always surprises me just how different it is if you meet strangers in the countryside rather than in a town. Worlds apart. A discussion for another time.

The rock where they are stood is just by the trig point, and interestingly has a compass rose carved into it. Amazingly, it is quite accurate too.

I grabbed a quick selfie at the trig point of course, but my mission was to seek out something far more scarce. A piece of dry, flat stone free ground of about 3m x 2m. Why? to try pitching my new tent for the first time.

This look like it will do.

I went with a tent from MSR, as they seemed to get good reviews, and at under 2kg for the 2 person sized HubbaHubba NX, I thought I would have plenty of room, with not an excessive amount of weight. The full review can be seen here

Suffice to say, I love this! I pitched on the side of the hill, on top of quite deep grass. The warmth, the gentle breeze and the contrail kisses in the sky all proved too much, and I nodded off briefly. So lazy.

Breaking camp was simple enough, and I remembered to check that I had left nothing. The spot was just as I found it, so I was on my way.

This time of year is really wonderful if the weather is on your side. Not so hot you are uncomfortable, and just a lick of breeze. The calm this week compared to last is astonishing, the hills here still have the comb over that the last storm gave them, but new growth is starting to push through.

Today was the first day of British Summer Time, and it was good.

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