Pennine Way Itinerary

This is my planned itinerary. As with all plans, it is subject to change.

0m             Edale                                                 0m

+3.7m          Kinder Scout     Δ                                  3.7m

+5.5m          A57                                                 9.2m

+2.3m          Bleaklow         Δ                                 11.5m  

+4.5m          Crowden                                            16.0m

First night under canvas, there is a campsite here, or I may push on and camp between Laddow rocks and Black Hill

Day 1  - 16 miles


               Crowden                                             16.0m

+4.3m          Black Hill      Δ                                   20.3m

+1.7m          A635            (tea van, fingers crossed)          22.0m

+1.7m          Wessenden Reservoir                                 23.7m

+1.7m          Black Moss Reservoir                                25.4m

+1.4m          A62                                                 26.8m

+3.2m          White Hill      Δ                                   30.0m

+1.2m          M62 footbridge                                      31.2m

+1.4m          Blackstone Edge Δ                                   32.6m

+3.4m          Warland Reservoir                                   36.0m

Camp somewhere before the reservoir, maybe have a pint in the Whitehouse pub.

Day 2  - 20.0 miles

                Warland Reservoir                                  36.0m

+3.1m           Stoodley Pike   Δ                                  39.1m

+2.7m           A646                                               41.8m

+6.1m           Walshaw Dean reservoir                             47.9m

+4.1m           Ponden Reservoir                                   52.0m

+2.9m           Little Wolf Stones                                 54.9m

The trig point is quite exposed, so will look for a pitch somewhere before it, but after Ponden
Day 3  - 18.9m

                 Little Wolf Stones                                 54.9m 

+2.3m            Lumb                                               57.2m 

+2.9m            Lothersdale                                        60.1m

+1.7m            Pinhaw   Δ                                         61.8m

+2.8m            Thorton-in-Craven                                  64.6m

+4.1m            Gargrave                                           68.7m

+2.1m            Haw Crag  Δ                                        70.8m

Day 4   - 15.9m

                Haw Crag                                            70.8m

+2.2m           Airton                                              73.0m

+2.1m           Start of detour to Gordale Scar                     75.1m

+1.5m           Gordale Scar                                        76.6m

+1.5m           Back to main route                                  78.1m

+0.3m           Malham                                              78.4m

+2.6m           Malham Tarn                                         81.0m

+7.8m           Dale Head                                           88.8m

Day 5  - 18m

                Dale Head                                          88.8m

+1.2m           Pen-y-Ghent  Δ                                     90.0m

+3.1m           Horton-in-Ribblesdale                              93.1m

+4.1m           Cave Hill                                          97.2m

+3.6m           Cam West End  Δ                                   100.8m

+4.0m           Rottenstone Hill                                  104.8m

Day 6  - 16m

                 Rottenstone Hill                                  104.8m

+1.8m            Hawes                                             106.6m

+6.2m            Great Shunner Fell   Δ                            112.8m

+3.4m            Thwaite                                           116.2m

+2.6m            Keld                                              118.8m

+4.3m            Tan Hill                                          123.1m

Day 7  - 17.6m   ( Friday night at Tan Hill! Yay!)

See the second week here

5 thoughts on “Pennine Way Itinerary”

  1. Starting to shape up. Looks like you’re up for some good wild camps rather than village to village as many do.
    You probably know the area really well, but in case it’s of use;
    Day 1 : There’s a few small flat’ish spots just below Laddow rocks, roundabout the Rakes Rocks area. Also you cross a stream just before this.
    Day 2 : Quite a bit of engineering work going on at Warland Reservior, a bit messy at the south end currently and Warland and Light Hazes are currently drained. There’s potential (if a bit tussocky) spots along the diversion round the east side towards the north end by a rock outcrop (nice and quiet). May be a good idea to carry water from the pub just to be certain.
    Day 3 : There’s a shooting cabin by a stream at 969911 which makes a sheltered spot to camp. Right on the route.

    1. Thanks John.
      I’ll look at working these into my route. I was thinking maybe camp the first night just after Laddow Rocks, by the stream

  2. Watching this with interest as I hope to look at the Pennines during the summer. Grown up crawling all over Dartmoor and the Welsh Valleys but time to look else where. Cheers for sharing!

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