Preparing for the Pennine Way

I have decided on the date. 6th May 2017.

It seems a small thing to decide, but it changes everything. Before deciding the date it was going to happen sometime, and that was okay, kind of woolly, no pressure. Now, well now I realise I need to plan a whole lot more carefully. I need to prepare. Mentally, Physically, Financially and Materially.

So now I am getting myself organised, and will flesh out the bare bones of a plan that I have so far over the next 11 weeks. 11 weeks! heck!

The plan as it stands;

Daily Distance  – apx 20miles

Overnight -Wild Camping

Carry – Up to 18 Kg (about 40 pounds)

( I told you it was basic)

Now on to my 4 To Do lists

  • Physical To Do over next 3-4 weeks
    1. Up daily walking to 10 miles 5 days a week
    2. Up Weekend walking to 15 miles minimum
    3. Increase pack weight to 10 Kg
  • Financial To Do over next 3-4 weeks
    1. Keep saving up (waterproof fivers!) aim to have £500 by end of March
    2. Upgrade Bank card to contactless
  • Material To Do over next 3-4 weeks
    1. Create a detailed list of what I will need
    2. Check off against the list as each item is tested in the field
    3. Continual assessment
  • Mental To Do
    1. Research the route
    2. Research points of interest near the route
    3. Get familiar with the plan
    4. Get familiar with the gear

I think that the main focus for the next week will be increasing my fitness, (10 miles is 20,000 steps) and spending some time getting the route detailed.

The maps arrived this morning, Its a start.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”

In my case the journey of 268 miles starts with 20,00 steps a day for 4 weeks! There may be some moaning about bloomin’ outdated Chinese proverbs to come before I set off


5 thoughts on “Preparing for the Pennine Way”

  1. I would definitely try to get the weight down. Be ruthless! Part of that problem is expense – lightweight tent, sleeping bag and cooking stuff is expensive. You shouldn’t need to carry too much food.
    Here is my kit list for backpacking including tent and cooking equipment:
    Let me know if you have any problem in seeing this in Dropbox.
    I did the PW in April 1987 and had a heatwave until the last couple of days when it snowed then rained. I reckon it is one of the best walks in the country, much, much better than the popular Coast to Coast. If you want any other info. give me a call. you can email me at, or put a comment on my blog.

    1. This is great, really appreciate your time. I have compared my current pack contents against yours, and I am not much heavier. Tent is Hubba hubba, cooking is primus, similar to the jetboil. I will work on a full list and send you a comment via your blog. Getting close now! 🙂

  2. Sorry, I’ve just noticed that my list doesn’t include cooking equipment. I have used the MSR Pocket Rocket, there are others similar – they are very small and light and just screw onto the top of the small butane/propane cylinders. A lightweight cooking pot for one, a mug, and a few other bits and bats shouldn’t add more than another one or two pounds at the most.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with Conrad, the Pennine Way is still one of the best long walks in Britain. The scenery and landscapes are more varied than any other LDP I can think of and becomes more of a personal journey than most. I guess it’s appeal waned a little in the 90’s as people flocked to walk the C2C, but the Pennine Way and the place names along it will stay in the memory for much longer. It’s a very special route. I’ve walked it four times now in different seasons, and will do so again. Enjoy it.

  4. Walked it with my dog and wild camped about 50% of it. Pack weight high because of dog stuff! 😂 Loved it, especially beyond Keld as got quieter and quieter. I altered bits as well eg from Alston to Haltwhistle I used the disused railway line instead of the PW.

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