The first day on the Pennine Way. 

I am in my tent at Crowden, having completed the first section. To say it has been hard is an understatement. This has been one of the hardest days walking I have had.

It’s my own fault, I brought too much. There will be a cull tomorrow.

The day started full and overcast,

But my spirits were high as my family deposited me in Edale.

Before long I was chatting to some Ramblers from Blackheath in London. As they said, every Rambler should experience Kinder at least once. By the time we got to Jacobs ladder they had left me for dust and I crawled along after, weighed down with ‘the lump’, as O have taken to calling my pack. As I approached the trig point at Kinder, the wind picked up, and I was pushing against 30mph gusts​. Not ideal.I was grateful to see the top. 

​As I headed along towards Bleaklow, a strange creature could be seen. Closer inspection revealed it was a man , a purple bearded man. Pete the Purple Pennineer

Due to complete his North to South trek today, he is raising money for a defibrillator. What is the link Pete? 

Coming from the summit a vey smart sign for the Pennine Way.

Next, came the assault on Bleaklow, and with it a mobile signal briefly, so I could let Kate know I was safe. Not a very inspiring summit

The path now leads me to Crowden. It’s a slog, broken by a great view back up the valley

 Legs achingly tired, and with an empty water bottle, I decide to pitch at the campsite in Crowden. By 9:00 I am fed, washed and ready for bed. I hope tomorrow is a bit easier.

No internet at Crowden, I might go and see if I can find some signal

2 thoughts on “The first day on the Pennine Way. ”

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