The day I met #StormDoris

What a day.

edit: The local newspaper has picked up on this and featured the 9 second clip on its website as Andrew Mallinson vs Storm Doris

edit2: I’m in the examiner newspaper too. Got a text from Lily, who thinks it is cool. 🙂

Tucked up cosy inside my waterproofs, I set of to work as usual. The paths in Huddersfield are slick today, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I went down. No injuries except a bruised ego.

My new favourite jacket is my North Face Point 5. It met Doris head on and won. Two hours of gales and heavy rain, I am still dry inside.

As I walk I take pictures on my phone, and post them in a Facebook group. The group is called Huddersfield Then and Now.

If you are interested in Huddersfield, the town, its history or its present, this is a really good group to get in. Lots of pictures both old and new, including some from yours truly

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