Write what you know

I would like to be better at writing, to be able to engage a reader, by creating a picture through description. I am, however one of many who missed the opportunity to learn creative writing skills at school. Being a firm believer that it is never too late to learn, I have signed up for a free course with the OU

I had no idea that it is so hard to “write what you know”. First exercise; describe in 150 words the room you are in (i’m paraphrasing, there is a little more to this exercise). Here is my attempt, unedited, I’m quite pleased.

The room is quite large, with a prominent chimney breast, papered with a floral design. The walls are a dull green, livened up by groups of prints in wooden frames. In the hearth, the last log sputters a small flame, just enough to warm the bones of an old cat laying prostrate, feet crossed in front of it. To the left of the fire, a tired armchair waits for its owner to return with her tea, a half open laptop perched on the arm, and a discarded book by its feet. A log tossed into the fire stirs new flames, the crackle echoing the sound of hard soled slippers on the oak floor. To the right, a sideboard supports an old valve radio, its top festooned with the ornaments of a happy couple. Above the fire, the television is a window to a life of adventure the old man watching may never see.

I had to resist the temptation to rewrite parts, and copy this straight from my notepad. Kate said that she thought it was good for a first attempt, and for me, that is praise enough.

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