Pennine Way Itinerary – Week 2

               Tan Hill                                          123.1m

+5.3m          Trough Heads                                      128.4m

+0.9m          God's Bridge                                      129.3m

+4.0m          Clove Lodge                                       133.3m  

+5.4m          Swallow Hole                                      138.7m

Day 8  - 15.6 miles



               Swallow Hole                                      138.7m

+0.9m          Middleton-in-Teesdale                             139.6m

+3.5m          Low Force                                         143.1m

+1.5m          High Force                                        144.6m

+2.0m          River Tees Bridge                                 146.6m

+4.1m          Cauldron Snout                                    150.7m

+5.0m          High Cup Nick                                     155.7m

Day 9   - 17.0 miles

                High Cup Nick                                    155.7m

+3.8m           Dufton                                           159.5m

+4.2m           Knock Old Man                                    163.7m

+1.6m           Great Dun Fell  Δ                                165.3m

+2.1m           Cross Fell   Δ                                   167.4m

+4.3m           Pikeman Hill   Δ                                 171.7m

+3.0m           Garrigill                                        174.7m

Day 10   - 19.0 miles

This might be a good time to try a B&B

                 Garrigill                                       174.7m

+3.9m            Alston                                          178.6m

+3.2m            Kirkhaugh Station                               181.8m

+2.6m            Slaggyford                                      184.4m

+10.1m           Greenhead                                       194.5m

Day 11   - 19.1m 

Look for a suitable pitch before Greenhead. Tomorrow, the 200 mile mark is passed.

                  Greenhead                                      194.5m

+1.0m             Milecastle 46                                  195.5m

+3.3m             Aesica Roman Fort                              198.8m

+5.5m             Cuddys Crags                                   204.3m

+6.8m             Horneystead                                    211.1m

+6.9m             Bellingham                                     218.0m

Day 12  - 23.5m

This will be a long day

                   Bellingham                                    218.0m

+8.4m              Brownrigg Head                                226.4m

+6.4m              Byrness                                       232.8m

+1.8m              Houx Hill                                     234.6m

Day 13   - 16.6m

                    Houx Hill                                     234.6m

+2.8m               Chew Green                                    237.4m

+4.0m               Mountain Refuge Hut                           241.4m

+0.5m               Lamb Hill  Δ                                  241.9m

+1.0m               Beefstand Hill   Δ                            242.9m

+2.4m               Windy Gyle   Δ                                241.3m
+3.3m               Kings Seat   Δ                                244.6m

+6.0m               Cheviot                                       250.6m

+2.6m               Shelter                                       253.2m

Day 14   - 18.6m

                     Shelter                                      253.2m

+1.7m                The Schil   Δ                                254.9m

+2.8m                White Law   Δ                                257.7m

+2.6m                Kirk Yeatholm                                260.3m

Day 15   -  7.1m 

Journeys end, now where is that bus?


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