The Calderdale Way

The Calderdale Way meanders around Halifax, Elland, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and other towns and villages. It is 50 miles long. Being a circular route, you can start and finish at any point, though the official start is in West Vale.

Download a gpx Route of the Calderdale Way

Around the Calderdale way are many “link paths” which allow you to join the path, or leave it at convenient locations for public transport.

The Calderdale Way is suitable for dogs, but you will need to use a leash at times. Sturdy footwear is a must, as it is sometimes uneven, often muddy. The walk itself is not too taxing, and because it can be done in short chunks, should be suitable for most walkers, of all ages. If you are not sure, maybe try a 1 or 2 mile section first. Jerusalem Farm is a good introduction to this walk (I pass here on day 3)

The best time to walk this route is late summer, when the heather on the moors is at its most spectacular.

At all points on this walk I was able to get a good mobile phone signal.

The Calderdale Way reaches over 1,300 feet at the highest point, if you take in Stoodley Pike (you should). Over the walk, you will have a total ascent of 9,236 feet, which is about 2,800m. By my calculation, that is more than double the height of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. This rising and descending route is 50.5 miles flat on the map, if you adjust for the slope, it is nearer 58 miles. Take your time and enjoy it, it really is a very pleasant walk.

Stay safe!

Calderdale Way Day 1

The first Section is from West Vale, the traditional start of the Calderdale Way, to Todmorden

Calderdale Way Day 2

My second Day takes in the Calderdale Way from Todmorden to Midgley

Calderdale Way Day 3

Beginning in Midgley, my third day on the Calderdale way heading for Stone Chair

Calderdale Way Day 4

The final leg, Stone Chair back to West Vale, concluding my Calderdale way walk

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