The Pennine Way from start to end, Wild Camping

This is my first “thru-hike”. The start date is set for May 6th 2017

Diary of the trip

First Day

The Pennine way starts at the village of Edale, in the Derbyshire peak district.

The Pennine way covers in excess of 270 miles (if you take into account all the alternative routes and extra sections). My planned route is going to follow the Pennine way, but may well take in some diversions, you know I like to explore. One such diversion will be to Gordale Scar if the weather is good. The Pennine Way route I am following is 260 miles. The minimum is 251, and it is unlikely that anyone would walk both legs of the Bowes loop, as you would have to walk at least one part twice, so the quoted 268 miles refers to the total mileage that the path has, not the miles you need walk. I suggest that after 15 days walking, that small difference will be something I am grateful for. You can see live updates from this hike Click on the picture

My Plan is to complete the walk in one journey. I will be carrying my tent and food, so I can Wild Camp most nights.

At this stage I plan to camp every night, but I am not averse to stopping at a hostel if the mood takes me. My prediction is for a 15 day walk.

Pre-Walk wobble 🙁

As things develop, I will add details here (if no link, I haven’t done it yet, try later)

Itinerary for week 1

Itinerary for week 2


Route GPX Downloads

Blog Posts from the trip

On October 2nd 2015, I became a non-smoker. I stopped with the NHS “Stoptober” plan. Stopping was not easy, it took a while to become comfortable and I put some weight on. I was better off financially, but rapidly heading towards coach potato. By Christmas I had started getting a bit fitter by walking to work 3 times a week, and I also signed up for the NHS “C25K couch to 5k running plan. (I didn’t get to the end then, but have done since). I somehow was persuaded to sign up for a sponsored walk, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks! To get ready for it I needed to train, and get on with it. I rediscovered my love of the fells whilst I was getting ready, and in April I had a practice. I intended to climb Pen-y-Ghent, but I ended up following the whole route. By May, I was ready, and finished the course in a little under 9 hours. I raised over £300.

What next after Y3P? I thought for a long time what I wanted to do next, and the Pennine way seemed a good choice. It became the first official national trail in 1965, its 2 years older than me. My thoughts went along the lines of “I will be 50 next 🙁 If I want to walk the Pennine Way, I should do it now. Good idea, get on with it. Okay, I will.” Does everyone else have two inner voices? Do they both send you off on daft ideas?

So there you go, the When, the How and the Why.

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