A word from a Trail Reporter and Pennine Way Champion

I always appreciate kind comments and encouragement, who doesn’t? When the comments come from a Pennine Way Champion….

Dave Greenwood is just such a Pennine Way Champ, and he took the time to write me a very kind and very encouraging email.

Dave has a blog, -> “Pennine Days” <- click it, or visit it from my Blogroll. I have published the email (with his permission) below. Send me a postcard (email), or add comments, I will always try and respond quickly, but may you forgive me if I’m half way up Kinder.

I’m writing really to wish you good luck on your Pennine Way adventure. It is without doubt the best walking trail in England. As you leave Edale there is so much to look forward to

and there are plenty of delightful surprises in store between there and Kirk Yetholm.

I started walking the whole Pennine Way back in 2000. I walked it with friends as day walks. It took 21 days. I wrote a piece for the Huddersfield Examiner, (attached if you can open it!) about our walk to celebrate the Pennine Way 40th anniversary.

It was a pleasure to live with ‘the Way’ for a long period, and I really didn’t want the journey to end. It changed me fundamentally as a person and gave me a deep affection for the outdoors and our national trails. I hope you get as much out of the experience as I did. Remember to keep your head up and take it all in.   

Remember me on week 2 , when you are passing God’s Bridge in the North Pennines.  I’m a Pennine Champion with responsibly for keeping an eye on the condition of the trail from that point, over Bowes Moor to just after Clove Lodge.

If your head does drop at any point remember this:  The other day I on the Pennine Way,  sitting by God’s Bridge having a brew, a walker with a big pack and a bigger smile came past me heading north. I asked him how far he was going?  “John O’Groats” he said. He had started from Land’s End! Turns out that the Pennine Way was just a short hop on the way! I wished him well and admired the spring in his step. He told me his walk was a retirement present to himself!

Take care



Dave Greenwood

Trail Reporter

Pennine Way National Trail

Pennine Days

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