#Y3Ptraining – Second day of endurance training – Scammonden

Last week I walked to Marsden, the first of my walks designed to build endurance for the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge #Y3Ptraining. This week, I am going a little further and introducing some incline to the walk. The route

This is a screeshot from my phone. The app is from Ordnance Survey, and it is superb!

In a nutshell, the plan was to walk uphill from Huddersfield to the motorway, cross the bridge to Outlane and keep going until I reached Scammonden, Make a circuit of the dam, and return over the moors to home.

Total Distance:  16 miles

Total Time: 5 1/2 hours

Pictures of the route


Early Morning start, so the M62 is deserted and its wonderfully quiet.


Open country public footpaths make it feel like a great adventure.


Eerily quiet at the dam


Decided to take a selfie!

The Locals were not sure what to make of me.

It was cold. 3’C going round the dam. I was wearing a 3 layer system of wicking base layer, fleece and windproof outer. As you can see from the selfie, I was down to base layer and still warm enough, lots of effort getting here up the hills. As soon as I stop I just throw the fleece on to keep warm.

I made this a long walk because I’m training for the three peaks, but Scammonden offers a couple of carparks and is a pleasent walk of about 3 miles around. Later in the day Kate decided she would like this walk, so we came back and I walked round again, just as the sun was setting.

At the end of this second day I have learned a couple of lessons.

Walking back over the moors got muddy. Trainers are not great in mud.

A hot drink of #yorkshiretea is great, but 1litre flasks get heavy quick!

and the tricky subject of sweaty areas. Walking produces heat, and you sweat. Cotton can absorb some moisture, but it holds on to it. After 10 miles the technical fabrics of the rest of my outfit are cool and comfortable, but the cotton briefs are less so. This will need to be thought about for next week.

Update, Rohan produce some base layer briefs in a style similar to the M&S ones I normally wear. A pair have been ordered.

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