Ainley Top to Chain Bar Roundabout – Part of the Kirklees way -12 miles

The Kirklees Way

This is the first section of the Kirklees way, starting from Ainley Top Roundabout in Huddersfield, and going clockwise on the route for about 13 miles, then dropping down to chain bar on the M606 to be picked up. This section of the Kirklees way will take about 5 hours.

The kirklees way is a big crcle around kirklees, but make no mistake, its not a circular walk. Bus links back to Huddersfield on this leg are flakey at best. To get home I needed to get my support time (Kate, my wife) to pick me up. Be prepared to grovel if you start this walk.

It is possible to park on a side street near Ainley top, or arrive by bus, but the best way is just to walk up from town especially if you are training for #Y3P.

The walk can be muddy, not just a bit, but seriously over the ankles muddy, so please be careful.

The Kirklees way follows a nice gentle downhill on a straightforward path down to Grimescar Dike and exits onto Grimescar road just above Birkby.  As is usual from most parts of Huddersfield, you can see the Victoria Tower on Castle Hill in the distance.

Take a breather, and get ready for a steep uphill section

At the top you can take in the view while you catch your breath

It is worth pointing out that the Kirklees way has been here for a while, so its not always going to be the modern circle with a yellow arrow that shows you the way. Some of the older ones can be less than obvious.

Some though are quite easy

The trail leads us onto the Huddersfield Golf Course, quite exclusive, this is probably the only way I will ever get on it 🙂 This morning I can see all the way to FerryBridge, Eggborough and Drax

And exit stage North

This was the last time on this walk that I could see my boots. Upper Cote Farm was very, very muddy

Heading generally West I walked through Upper and Lower Fell Greave, tricky, the way is not marked clearly, but you can trust your map. Another little bridge, watch out for trolls. I didn’t hang about

The second golf course of the day is Bradley

And you will have no trouble following the pathway down to the Leeds Road by Cooper Bridge.

The Three Nuns looks to be in the throws of a refit, and possibly a rename. Walk up the right hand side of it and you find yourself in a staggeringly beautiful area

which only gets better when you arrive in the picturesque village of Hartshead

Past the Church, turn left, then Right the Left again and follow the gentle slope down to that bridge over the M62 that you always wondered how to get to.

Eventually you will arrive at Whitehall road, where I turned Right to head down to the roundabout with the M606. There is a good sized layby here where you can be collected.

This is the third day I have set off early to train for the Yorkshire three peaks. There was some trepidation, because today is the first outing for my new boots. I have been breaking them in gently, but today was a real test.

The boots I have are Altberg Tethera made in Richmond, North Yorkshire, by Alt-Berg, who also make boots for the military. I have to give them a thumbs up, no blisters, and my feet were dry and warm all day. Top marks go to blackburns outdoor for the fitting service, Thanks Carol 🙂

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