Historic Buildings Trail

Discover Huddersfield have produced a series of little guided walk booklets, I decided to grab one and get out for a lunchtime walk and see what it is about.

This short walk is called the Historic Buildings Trail and it starts at the Railway Station


Impressive as the station is, remember to look at the other buildings which surround the square.

The Walk is about a mile long, and will take about 20 minutes


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Head off along Railway street which is to your left as you look at the station. Can you spot this cheeky fella?


Was this a statement by a disgruntled stone mason?

A right turn at the junction takes you down past Byram Arcade, with the impressive frontage,Byram

more than matched by the inside, lots of unique shops, and a great cuppa at the BlueRooms if you have time. As you pass


Lloyds Bank

Turn Right and you are in Market PlaceMarket-Place

Keep walking through the town centre (don’t forget to look up, above the shop frontages) until you get to Ramsden Street, and turn Left down to the Town Hall

Town-Halland the libraryLibrary

Turning Right past the indoor market you take a dogleg and arrive at the ring road. Turn Left and follow the road past part of Huddersfield University. At Queen street, branch left and you will pass by the

Lawrence Batley TheatreLB


The end of Queen street presents you with a view of St Peters ChurchStPetersFront I prefer

the view from the other sideStPeters

The Historic Building Trail suggests you walk along Lord street, which is fine, but you can walk through the church grounds too

Peters-Walkwhichever way you choose, turn Right at Northumberland street for

the Mechanics Institute buildingMechanics

The Trail scoots alongside the building on Friendly street, what a pleasent sounding place! A 90 degree left brings you finally to the conclusion of this walk, The Wholesale Market



There is a lot of information packed into the tiny booklet. I’m really pleased that I decided to take this short walk on.

If you get chance I recommend you give it a try. If you want on, the booklet is available from:

Discover Huddersfield

or you can

email discover Huddersfield

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