I am in training for the Yorkshire 3 peaks

The story so far:

On the 2nd October 2015 I quit smoking, helped tremendously by the NHS “Stoptober” campaign. Then, like so many others, I gained a few pounds, which were added to my considerable bulk (16st 8lbs) At 5’9″, Obese, possibly morbidly obese? Long story short, a blood test early December showed cholesterol at 6.6 and some other numbers, and possibly diabetic too.

What better time to need to watch your intake than the Christmas holidays.

I am proud to be a Freemason, but the meals…..

I downloaded”myfitnesspal” onto the phone, and started watching what went in, and where I used the calories.

To achieve my 10,000 steps daily goal, I began walking to work some of the time. I was averaging 2,000 steps before, but soon was able to do my 10,000 without too much aching.

By the end of the year, the average was 12,000 a day.

I pushed a bit harder in January, partly because the weather was mild, and partly because I started enjoying myself. By Month end, I was up to 16,000 average, and 22,000 on a good day. Down to 14st 8lbs. Lost 2st Am I the only person dancing round punching the air shouting “I’m overweight! Hoorah!” BMI just touched 29.5, official, I am not obese anymore. #overweightandhappy

February was an odd month. The enthusiasm started to go, no weight being lost, generally getting bored.

To try and get back some oomph, I started this blog, to record my lunchtime walks, but there is only so much you can say about the same area and still be interesting. On the point of giving it all up, I saw a message in my inbox about the three peaks challenge.

I think I signed myself up without thinking it through.

I have now had a few days to read up on what’s involved, and what it takes to achieve this.

In equal measures I am excited, scared, confident and nervous.

I have worked out a training plan for the next 10 weeks and I am sharing what happens on Facebook. You can find me using #Y3Ptraining or #Y3P

Sunday, endurance training, walked 15 miles, loved it. Step count = 31,000, personal best, very chuffed. Feeling ok on Monday, which is a rest day, so only walked to work and back.

Any tips greatly received.
Wish me luck!

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