Kilner Bank – Just over 2 Miles

This is a short walk of just over 2 miles, which takes you away from the hustle of the town. It is surprisingly green and rural considering just how close it is. Allow yourself an hour for this walk, and expect some mud.


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This is a circular walk, so it can be started anywhere along the route. I am starting at Silver Street, and the steep steps up past Kilner Bank Road

StartWithin a few minutes, you are presented with a view which makes the whole walk worthwhile


The footpaths are well trodden, but I was unable to see any signage, so you need to be careful to turn up towards the cricket ground. If you miss the turn, don’t worry, just follow the old disused road, and take the turning at the old quarry entrance.

The walk leads through a wooded areaBankTop

before opening to the next superb view


Easily followed, but a bit muddy, this top stretch isn’t far, and you head down and back along a pretty little track, which is unmarked on the OS map

Bank-BottomThe route

is well over half way completed,

so I popped into Costa for a cheeky latte. Refreshed you pass the Stadium, I always loose track of what they are calling it these days, McAlpine, Galpharm, John Smiths?


No such problem with the River Colne,

which lazily meanders past on the RightColne

The last short stretch passes the Golf range, exiting the car park at the rear right, then along the track to get back to the start.


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