Sometimes it Shines – Kilner Bank Quarry – 2 1/2 miles


Distance: 2 1/2 Miles

Duration: 1 hour

Min/Max Elevation: 176′ – 400′

Bright sunshine, but a little bit chilly. Today’s walk  takes in some great views over the town. If you are going to follow this route, be aware that there are a couple of relatively steep inclines, and some areas are soft under foot. That being said, its not too long a walk, and you can call in at Costa for a cheeky cappuccino.

First, get yourself to Silver street, there is lots of on-street parking. The walk start at the side of the Furniture mill.


Almost straight away, the first steep part presents itself. Go to the top and get on Kilner Bank Road

Up Down

This should get your heart pumping, so why not have a pause at the top and soak up the view


Further along, Kilner Bank has been gated to prevent access by car, and it now makes for a very pleasant stretch, but because its so sunny, we are going higher, so take the path just to the left hand side of the gate on the right in this picture.


Through the field and into the woods

The pathway here is nice and easy to follow, and is quiet and peaceful, away from any traffic. The first easy point to cut the walk short is coming up, and will take you down to the stadium.

But today, we will keep going, past another field, and then turn down off the hill. Now heading back the opposite direction, and at a lower level, there are some really pretty paths.


And some pretty views of the town


Which leads towards the Odeon.  Cheeky Cappuccino anyone?

Post refreshment, curiosity to see the level in the river gave me all the reason I needed to return using the Riverside walk past the stadium, as I did yesterday.


The river is much lower than yesterday.

Then as you walk past the golf range, you are back into the woods for a nice easy last section back to the start.

A nice straight forward walk for a lunchtime, this walk requires a basic level of fitness and mobility.

Have fun, and please take any litter home with you.

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