Who stole the canal? Heading West from Aspley – 2 miles

On Facebook, the ability to walk from Aspley to Marsden on the canal bank was questioned, so yesterday, I decided to walk home that way and see what happened.

At Aspley, you can sneak under the main road, making it possible to avoid being killed by the traffic, always a bonus.

Go down a few steps

And into the tunnel


You will magically arrive safe, by the University

Leaving that part of the university behind, the canal changes to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. It was the Broad Canal up to this point.


Is this analogous with how we will change with all this walking? I quite like the idea of morphing from broad to narrow 🙂

Anyway, back to the canal, which we won’t have for much longer. Some serious metalwork supports the banking just prior to the canal entering a tunnel, which we can’t follow. There is a steel staircase which it is necessary for us to climb. Be really careful if it is wet or cold, this can get really slippy.


We can now answer the question. No, it is not possible to follow the canal from Aspley to Marsden, however, turn left at the top of the stairs, walk to the bottom of the road and turn right. Head to the Kirklees College building. Total distance away from the canal is 350m.

When you get to the college, you are back with the canal, and can continue along to Longroyd bridge.  


The Tow Path is well maintained, and tarmac all the way along this stretch.

At Longroyd Bridge, we will follow the left fork, and go under the main road via this short tunnel. Some thoughtful person even sign posted the route for us.


From here on, the route is really straight forward, but not for me, as this is part of my homeward walk, and I don’t live in Marsden. So I leave at sunset at Milnsbridge.

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