#Y3Ptraining day 1 – outbound – Standedge, Marsden’s end of the tunnel

Sunday 6th March 2016

It’s Mothers Day today, but I won’t be visiting mine. Its the first day of endurance training for the three peaks #Y3Ptraining.

Why am i doing the #Y3P ?

I left the house at 5:30,

Milnsbridge Early in the morning


Its quite pleasant strolling along this early in the morning. It feels like you are the only person awake. And so quiet! If you only do it once, you should try getting up early, just to experience the wonder of it.


 Sun rise, and I am about 4 miles in, the hills above Slaithwaite are a beautiful golden yellow.

Not all the great views are the great vistas. Sometimes, you can find pleasure in seeing something that you would normally just walk past.

And sometimes all you can say is “thats weird”. Like the tanks at James Dysons, which were clad and painted to “blend in” with the surroundings. At 30′ high, I think the camouflage is spot on.

Eventually, the road walk brings you to Marsden, where you will find the locals walk in the middle of the road. Today, even though the forecast was for clear skies, it was snowing.

Having arrived at Marsden, you need to head into the town centre, then up to the “Railway” pub, which is by the canal. There is a 15 minute walk along the towpath to get to Tunnel End. Apparently the visitor centre opens in March.

Made it! First 7 miles done.

How does a Yorkshire lad celebrate?

A drop of the amber nectar #YorkshireTea

A quick bite of a sandwich, and we’ll head back along the canal.

Footwear:I am still wearing the old faithful Merrel training shoes, my new boots are in the process of being broken in.

Socks: Bridgedale Trekker

Base Layer: Craghoppers Shirt

Mid Layer:  Craghoppers Fleece

Top Layer:  Craghoppers Aquadry Waterproof

Trousers:     Craghoppers Kiwi

Pack:           Craghoppers 15l day sack

Along with Craghoppers hat and gloves

So, half way through today’s endurance walk. I am feeling fit, and reasonably pleased with the clothing. Only niggle is the pack, which seems to be pulling on my shoulders, like it needs to be wider.

I will detail the return leg in the next post.


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